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Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Changes

I will have to make some academic changes in 2014. First off I have to get better grades in my third and fouth marking because I have been slacking. Also I want to improve in my basketball playing to help my team win more games. We have one win and two loses so we are still in the playoffs. I have not score as many points as I hoped to so I have to step it up. Also I have to start thinking of a good college choice. i don't have to worry about it now but it would be good to start thinking anyway.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Social Bookmarking Questions

  1. Another way we can organize our computers is making a sheet that logs who goes on the computer and at what time. 
  2. Another way that we can organize emails is by putting them into your gmail and saving them there. 
  3. One way that we can organize our favorite websites is by putting them into digg reader for easy access. 
  4. We can organize our blog postings is that we can save them on our blogger.
  5. We can save RSS feeds by inserting them into wikispaces so they can be found easily. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

China's Chang'e-3 lunar probe has entered orbit

Chang'e-3 lunar probe

China's Space Station has announced that the new Chinese space probe the Chang'e-3 has just entered orbit. The probe's variable thrust engine, which can supply from 1,500 to 7,500 newtons of thrust, fired for a total of 361 seconds to complete the lunar insertion maneuver. Over the next week the probe will stay in orbit to prepare systems for the landing in Sinus, Iridum on the 14th of December. This is very important for China because this is the nations first experience with a spacecraft in orbit. This will be just the start of China's exploration in space.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tech Article 12/6/2013

Flying Robots For Christmas

Just before Christmas a new flying toy is coming to stores. Any size robots from little bots to full scale planes will be under the Christmas tree this year. These flying toys are coming to Toy's R US and Uk's Toy Retailers Association. They have light and cheap motors which allows for faster flying and longer lasting flying as well. I personally do not want these things to go to stores because they can be very dangerous for younger kids to handle. For more information click here.